Preowned GILI 10'6 / 11'6 MENO Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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PREOWNED: This board is preowned and will show some signs of wear and tear. Preowned boards are tested to be in perfect working order with minor cosmetic defects that do not affect the use of the board. 1 Year Warranty on all preowned paddle boards.

Board Length

PREOWNED: This board is preowned and will show some signs of wear and tear. Preowned boards are tested to be in perfect working order with minor cosmetic defects that do not affect the use of the board. 1 Year Warranty on all preowned paddle boards.

Finally, a wide, stable do-everything board that doesn’t compromise on performance. Our Meno Series paddle boards are fun for the whole family, and are the most stable boards in our quiver.

At 10’6 / 11’6 x 35” x 6” fully inflated, our Meno SUPs feature a wide stance for maximum stability, yet the pointed nose and shape of the board still lets you glide effortlessly on top of the water.

All of our Meno series SUPs feature a carbon fiber rail for enhanced rigidity and stability: performance you’ll actually feel under your feet. Made with triple layer, fusion laminated PVC material for military grade durability. SUP anywhere with the versatile US Fin box with a 5 piece fin kit: a 9” Center Fin, a 4.5” Speed fin, a 3” River Fin, and two removable side fins.

Inflate your board in half the time: our Meno SUPs come with our new High Flow Dual Chamber Pump. Pack all of this in the rolling iSUP bag and get that weight off of your shoulders! When you’re ready to hit the water, your action camera mounts to the nose in seconds. When you’re done paddling, simply deflate, roll up your board and throw it in your trunk.

Every Meno board comes with an ultra-premium SUP accessory bundle: 3-piece Hybrid, Carbon Fiber Travel Paddle, Dual Chamber, 3-Stage iSUP Pump, US Fin box with a 5 Piece Fin Kit, Premium Rolling iSUP Bag, Coiled SUP Leash, and Repair Kit

Both the 10’6 and the 11’6 Meno feature oversized bungees on the nose and tail to stash all of your gear safely and securely. You’ve also got front, rear, and center grab handles to easily carry your SUP to and from the water. Our Meno boards can support over 450 lbs of weight - bring your kids, dogs, heck - the whole family!

The 11’6 Meno features three built-in Scotty mounts making it the ultimate fishing SUP. Mount your rods, fish finders, action cameras and more with these super-versatile mounting platforms.

Available in Blue/White and Teal/White, they’re some of our best looking, and best performing SUPs yet!

Featuring 18 of d-rings to attach extra gear like a cooler, waterproof speaker, bait box, etc., you can also mount our Kayak Seat if you prefer to paddle your SUP like a kayak.

Created with our advanced, dual-layerFusion Technology. The Fusion dual-layer PVC is the strongest, lightest iSUP material available for maximum durability and rigidity while also being very light weight.

10'6 35" 6" 245 L 23 LBS 450 LBS*
11'6 35" 6" 270 L 24 LBS 485 LBS*
*Advanced riders may exceed recommended capacity limit


SUP Features

  • Carbon Fiber Paddle, Dual Chamber Pump, Rollin Backpack, Fin kit
  • Carbon fiber rail for extra rigidity and performance
  • Premium iSUP Accessory Bundle: includes Pump, Leash, Rolling Backpack, Paddle & Fin Kit
  • Great for all water conditions and all skill levels, especially beginners
  • 35" Width for extra stability, yet the hybrid shape cuts through the water with minimal drag
  • Supports Up to 450/485 lbs (up to 500 lbs for advanced riders)
  • Fusion Dual Layer Technology, the strongest and lightest iSUP Material available
  • Action Camera Mount and D-ring on the Nose of the board
  • Inflate your board twice as fast with the dual chamber, 3-stage pump
  • Fin kit includes a 9" Race Fin, 4.5" Speed Fin, and a 3" River Fin
  • Removable Side fins
  • 3 built-in Scotty Mounts on 11'6 Model for mounting rod holders, fishing gear, etc.
  • Front & Rear Bungees to stow your cooler, tackle box & fishing pole
  • Extra Large, Brushed EVA Traction Pad
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • GILI 10'6 / 11'6 Meno Paddle Board Details

  • GILI 10'6 / 11'6 Inflatable Paddle Board

    GILI Rolling Inflatable SUP Backpack

    GILI 3-Stage High Flow Dual Chamber Hand Pump

    Carbon Fiber Hybrid Adjustable Travel Paddle

    Meno 9" Distnace/Race Fin

    Meno 4.5" Speed Center Fin

    Meno 3" Shallow Center Fin

    4" Snap-In Side Fins

    GILI 8' Paddle Board Coiled Ankle Leash

    GILI Sticker Pack

    GILI Meno iSUP Manual

  • How long does it take to inflate the Paddle Board?
    It takes most people under 7-8 minutes to fully inflate our boards. If you're in shape you can do it in under 5 minutes. Don't forget to remove the black cap on your pump after about 9-11 PSI to make the last 4-5 PSI a little easier!

    How do you install the fin?
    Slide and push the fin into the groove and lock the fin with the rear latch. Be sure to read the instructions that comes with your paddle board.

    How long does it take to inflate and deflate?
    Inflation takes most people 5 to 10 minutes. Deflation takes only 2-3 minutes.

    Can this board be used in the Ocean?
    Absolutely! Our boards are meant for any body of water. If you are new to paddle boarding we suggest you try the board on a calm body of water before venturing out into waves.

    Can you ride with a dog?
    Many people ride our boards with their dogs. Be careful and watch your balance!.

    Does the board come with a leash?
    Yes the board comes with a leash. Everything you see in the photos is included!.

    Is this board made from drop stitch material?
    Yes! All of our boards are made from drop stitch material: drop stitching gives the board it's shape and rigidty.

    Does the paddle float?
    Yes! Don't worry - the included paddle will float if you drop it in the water..

  • We're confident you'll love our boards, so we're giving you a full 60 Days from purchase to try them out. If it's not a perfect fit for you, you may return the board within 60 days for a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee.