Paddle Board Paddles

Why Your SUP Paddle Matters

Choosing the right Paddle Board Paddle is vital to maximizing your paddle boarding enjoyment. At GILI, we offer several SUP paddles at different prices and performance levels.

Choosing a Stand Up Paddle Board is super important - you need the right fit for your experience level, body type, and performance level. If it's not your first time on a SUP, you know it's just as important to choose the right SUP Paddle.

Our selection of paddles includes everything from your basic aluminum starter paddle to high-performance carbon fiber paddles. All of our paddles are tested for durability and performance, and we design all of our paddles to float - so they won't leave you high and dry in case you drop yours.

Our travel paddles break down into three pieces for easy transport. Our high-end models feature dual locking systems for superior rigidity and a no-rattle design.

What Paddle Size is Right for Me?

Generally, a SUP paddle should be 6 to 8 inches taller than you are. Our paddles are height adjustable, so they'll fit you and your family members.

If you're mostly an All Around paddler, we suggest adjusting your paddle to be on the taller side. If you're into SUP surfing, choose a shorter paddle length.

SUP Paddles: Customer Favorites

Our Hybrid Carbon Fiber Travel Paddle is our best performer and a customer favorite. It's light, rigid, and durable.

Our middle ground paddle customers also love is our Fiberglass Travel paddle. This paddle provides a middle ground, both in performance and price, between our carbon fiber and aluminum paddles.

Our Aluminum Travel Paddle is our entry-level paddle. It's affordable, performs well, but it's our heaviest paddle. Don't worry - it still floats.

Selecting the right SUP paddle is a big deal, and we've got plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need an entry-level, budget paddle or a high-performance paddle, you'll find it here.