Paddle Board Shoulder Carry Strap

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Get your SUP to the water's edge quickly and easily with the GILI Paddle Board Carry Straps. Sold individually.

We find the straps most helpful for long walks on those hot summer days when parking lots are full! Simply clip them into your D-Rings, adjust to your height, and walk hands-free to the water. The straps stow neatly onto your board or in your dry bag during your paddle.

Taking some extra supplies for your SUP adventure? With the GILI Paddle Board Carry Straps you will have your hands free to carry it all in one, easy trip. What will you bring with you on your next SUP adventure?


  • Adjustable straps ensure proper fit
  • Cushioned straps for added comfort
  • Easy-to-use clip system


The GILI Paddle Board Carry Straps are compatible with all GILI SUPs.