Fiberglass Adjustable Travel SUP Paddle

Our Fiberglass TRP Paddle is our fiberglass paddle that breaks down into three pieces and fits in your iSUP bag.

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  • 3 Piece Travel Paddle
  • Durable Round Fiberglass Shaft & Nylon
  • Adjustable from 67" to 86" for riders of all heights
  • Breaks down to 34"
  • Weighs 34 ounces
  • Floats in Water
  • Ergonomic Handle

Perfect for your iSUPs, this is a solid upgrade over our entry level Aluminum paddle. This fiberglass paddle is lighter, strong, and stiffer then Aluminum paddles. While not quite as strong or lightweight as our carbon paddles, this is an excellent mid-range paddle at a competitive price.

Fits in your iSUP bag and ready to travel wherever you and you're inflatable SUP will go!

Compatible with our Kayak Fiberglass Paddle Kits