Kayak and Paddle Board Anchor Kit: Folding Grapnel Anchor

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This 3.5 lb 4-fluke folding anchor is compact enough to carry on your SUP and Kayak and comes with its own rope, buoy, and convenient 5L Anchor Dry Bag.

  • Essential for SUP Yoga, SUP Fishing, and Kayak Fishing
  • NEW: High quality, 5L Anchor Dry Bag included
  • NEW: Heavy duty J-hook for rapid attachment and removal
  • Includes Rope (30 feet), Stainless, Snap hook/D-Ring, Floating Buoy, and 5L Anchor Dry Bag



Most of the time you will find yourself paddling in moving water conditions on a lake, ocean, or river. Winds, currents, and waves can move your SUP in any direction, but sometimes you want to just want to stay in the same place! The GILI Kayak Paddle Board Anchor Kit can help you stay fixed to one spot whether you are practicing SUP Yoga, basking in the sun, or perched over your favorite fishing hole.

The Anchor Kit is designed for use specifically with SUPs and other light watercraft. It is lightweight, compact, and made to withstand the tough environments where you decide to drop anchor.

  • Compact: the 3.5 lb 4-flute anchor is the ideal size and weight to secure you in one place while storing easily on your SUP deck when not in use.
  • Easy Storage: folds into a 12” x 3” shape that stores easily into a fully padded storage bag that helps protect you and your watercraft.
  • Durable: 30 ft. of 7mm marine-grade rope is built to last. A PVC buoy provides a visual guide to your anchor line and a stainless steel snap hook makes for easy deployment and packing.
  • High Visibility Rope: We've included yellow rope with our SUP/Kayak Anchors so it's bright and visible in the water
  • Adaptable: the anchor can be used with any SUP or kayak in almost any environment. The anchor will work in sand, mud, rock, and weed bottoms.
  • Galvanized or Marine Coated: Great for any environment, this anchor comes in a galvanized or coated finish, so it'll last you a lifetime of rust-free use.
  • NEW: 5L Anchor Dry Bag: our anchors now include our durable 5L Anchor Dry Bag
  • NEW: a heavy-duty J-Hook is now included for rapid deployment and release
  • Perfect for Travel: just like our inflatable SUPs, these anchors are amazing when you're on the go. Just toss in your paddle board bag or trunk, and fasten on your SUP's d-ring storage. Unfolding the anchor literally takes seconds!
  • Complete Kit: includes a stainless steel snap hook/D-ring, PVC flotation buoy, high-visibility rope (30 feet), folding anchor, and the NEW 5L Anchor Dry Bag

The GILI Kayak & Paddle Board Anchor Kit is compatible with all GILI SUPs as well as other light, non-motorized watercraft such as kayaks, rafts, and more.

The Blue, Green, and Orange Anchor Kits come with black rope and colored accents. The Galvanized Steel Anchor Kit comes with high-visibility yellow rope.