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Paddle-worthy locations to explore by SUP in Winnipeg

Rocky shore of a lake in Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba is a beautiful city with a rich culture and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun. Once the winter ice has melted, this city opens up and blooms for using your stand up paddle board! There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water in Winnipeg on its many lakes and rivers that flow through the heart of the city. 

Whether you're an experienced paddler or just starting out, you'll find a variety of great places to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Winnipeg from the water. This city is filled with rushing rivers, historical landmarks, and an abundance of wildlife. If you want to master how to paddle board rivers, this is a Canadian hotspot to practice your techniques! 

In this article, we introduce 10 of the best places to paddle board in Winnipeg, from serene parks to bustling rivers, and everything in between. So if you are looking for a peaceful escape or an adventurous day out, you will find the perfect spot for paddle boarding in Winnipeg. Find your flow on these waterways and get the feeling of walking on water. 

The Forks

The forks of Winnipeg, Canada

The Forks is an iconic district of downtown Winnipeg where Red River and Assiniboine River meet. The city was built around these two major rivers, so it’s no surprise that this hub has become a bustling center.

The waters are calm and protected environment, making it great for paddle boarding. From the water you also get a unique perspective of Winnipeg! Paddling around The Forks draws quite a lot of attention, so you are going to want to make sure you have the best paddle boards for rivers to look the part as you cruise on by.

Red River

Red River is one of Winnipeg’s main rivers. It is wide and expansive, making it totally awe-inspiring when gliding on a stand up paddle board. However, you do need to be aware of the currents on this river. The water can be fast moving in spring and early summer months.

This river cuts through downtown Winnipeg and has many access points throughout the city. Here are the three most popular places to put in:

  • Kildonan Park – good for a picnic mid-paddle on the grassy river banks
  • Maple Grove Park – perfect for dog-friendly paddling
  • Whittier Park – the place to paddle under the iconic Esplanade Riel

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La Salle River

La Salle River is one of the many tributaries that flows into the Red River at St Norbet. This is a slow-moving and narrow river that is great for beginners to learn how to paddle board. There is loads of wildlife to keep a lookout for as well, from grey owls and bald eagles to beavers and more.

Launch your SUP from La Barriere Park for a low-key paddle with easy access. This park is just a few minutes out of the city as well, so it is super accessible. You can also kick back and relax with a fishing rod here. So make sure you are all set up with a fishing paddle board to snatch your catch of the day!

Seine River

Seine river in Winnipeg, Canada

The Seine River is another that spills into the Red River that flows around the outskirts of Winnipeg. This spot offers good paddling in spring and early summer. It is suitable for every level of paddle boarder. 

Enjoy scenic paddles alongside the Bois-des-Esprits trails and forestry. This is great for a walk around after your boarding session! Keep your eyes peeled for deer, turtles, and nesting birds along the riverbanks.

Assiniboine River

Assiniboine River is Winnipeg’s second largest river that flows right through the heart of the city. This is a relatively shallow river that is best for late summer or early fall paddling. The current is slightly kinder and easier to navigate around this season. A good all-around paddle board will be great on the Assiniboine River. 

Paddling this river is best suited as a one-way journey. We recommend pairing up with a buddy and organize cars for either end of the route. There are two paddle routes to check out: 

  • The longer route – start at Beaudry Park, a 15-minute drive outside of Winnipeg. Paddle east past St. Charles, the Assiniboine Park, Wolseley, all the way to The Forks harbor. 
  • The shorter route – begin next to the Assiniboine Park bridge. While you are here grab an ice cream at Sargent Sundae before you paddle.

Sturgeon Creek

Sturgeon Creek is Winnipeg’s largest creek and the most perfect place for newbies to take to the water for the first time. The very gentle and calm waters are ideal for learning how to paddle board and get an idea on how to balance on either hard or inflatable paddle boards

You can launch your paddle board from the shore along Crestview Park Drive or directly at Sturgeon Creek Park. Paddle through the tall grass prairie and look for flowers, frogs, and butterflies. Paddle boarders just need to be mindful of rapids at Grant's Old Mill at the southern end of the creek. We advise sticking to the northern side of this mill to stay on the safe side.

FortWhyte Alive

Fortwhyte alive, Muir Lake Winnipeg, Canada

FortWhyte Alive is a special large greenspace just on the outskirts of Winnipeg. There are five lakes surrounded by woodland and walkways. This is a great escape to nature that is only a stone’s throw away! Make sure you check out Lake Devonian and Muir Lake with your SUP.

These lakes operate catch and release fishing. So get your best fishing paddle boards out for the adventure! The nature center can provide maps with all the best spots to keep you busy.

Oak Hammock Marsh

Up for a day trip out of Winnipeg? The Oak Hammock Marsh is only a short drive out of the city and is a great place to explore by paddle board. From SUP you get a different perspective on the marshland and can totally immerse yourself into the landscape. 

Follow marked routes for a self-guided tour and explore all the nooks and crannies. We highly recommend using an inflatable paddle board for this location – there will be shrubs and vegetation you have to navigate that will be easier on an iSUP.

Birds Hill Park

Birds Hill Park has several large ponds that are perfect for paddle boarding. The surrounding parkland is wonderfully peaceful and has a wide range of wildlife to observe. Overall, the vibe here is chilled as you have the freedom to do as you wish (whilst still respecting nature). 

If you are up for the challenge of using your yoga paddle board, then this is the place for you to give it a try! The quiet waters and peaceful woodlands provide the best setting to find your zen.

Lake Winnipeg

Lake winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg Beach is a fabulous place for day trip out of the city. Located on Lake Winnipeg, this is a great spot for stand up paddle boarding and offers a beautiful view of the lake. The waters are suitable for everyone to practice their paddling skills.

Lake Winnipeg itself is enormous and has many places that you can launch your SUP from. Why not pack up your gear and head out for a longer road trip around the lake, stopping off as you go for a paddle exploration!

Where To Rent Paddle Boards From In Winnipeg

Haven’t got your own paddle board yet? No worries. There are plenty of places to rent gear from or even join for a guided tour.

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🏆 Where can I go paddle boarding in Winnipeg?

There are several lakes and rivers around Winnipeg that are perfect for paddle boarding. The two rivers that make up The Forks are the most popular places to paddle in Winnipeg – Red River and Assiniboine River. Lake Winnipeg is also less than an hours drive out of the city and is a great place to take a stand up paddle board.

👍 What type of paddle boarding can I do in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg is a great place for river paddle boarding because of the number of rivers that flow through the city limits and outskirts. You can try out fishing from a paddle board on the rivers as well. There are also a collection of lakes nearby that are ideal for general recreational paddle boarding or even SUP yoga if you wanted to test your balance.

🏝️ Can I take my own paddle board to Winnipeg?

Yes! You can take your own paddle board gear out on the waters around Winnipeg. Just note you will need to use a PFD as per Canadian regulations.

❓ Where is the best place for beginners to paddle board in Winnipeg?

Sturgeon Creek and La Salle River are two of the best places for beginners to try out stand up paddle boarding for the first time. These spots have slower moving water which reduces the technicality of a location. Winnipeg Beach at Lake Winnipeg is also another great place for newbies to stand up paddle boarding.

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