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Modular Kayaks

Kayaks on the beach

You’ve probably already heard of inflatable kayaks that make transportation a breeze, but there is actually another variety of kayak that gives its owners the ability to paddle in remote locations, all thanks to its portability. 

These kayaks are called modular kayaks, and in this article today, we’re going to explain what modular kayaks are, what you should look out for when purchasing a modular kayak, and 5 modular kayak reviews. So, if you’re on the hunt for your next portable kayak, keep on reading!

What Are Modular Kayaks?

Modular kayaks, which many people also refer to as snap kayaks, are kayaks that you can take apart and piece together. They come in numerous parts, some that split in half and some that split into thirds, but that really comes down to how long the kayak is and whether it's a tandem or solo configuration. 

The more segments that make up the kayak, the easier it will be to transport as the parts will be smaller and easier to carry. With that being said, however, even modular kayaks that break down into two pieces are far more portable than your standard hard shell kayak, so you really get the best of both worlds. You get the stability and durability of a hard shell kayak and the mobility of an inflatable kayak or a folding kayak, what more could you want? 

GILI’s Top Picks: By Budget

Best Modular Kayak Budget
Point 65 Sweden Falcon Modular sit-on-top Solo Kayak Red with Paddle
Point 65 Falcon

The Point 65 Falcon is a fairly standard solo modular kayak that can also be transformed into a tandem kayak with an additional kayak piece. The Falcon features adequate storage, molded-in footrests, and it comes with paddles to get you out on the water in no time.

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Best Modular Kayak Mid-Range
Point 65 Tequila GTX Tandem Yellow
Point 65 Sweden Tequila! GTX

Point 65’s Tequila! GTX has a tracking keel to improve tracking, and sufficient leg room with molded-in footrests, and it features an EVA foam Air Seat.

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Best Modular Kayak Premium
Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo
Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo

Suitable for kayak anglers and recreational paddlers, the Kingfisher Solo has plenty of storage, the option to add on a pedal drive system, built-in hand-controlled rudders, and a comfortable and adjustable game chair.

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5 of the Best Modular Kayaks

Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo

Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo
Dimensions Weight Capacity Check Price

11’ x 31”

70 lbs

286 lbs

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Kayak Construction

The first modular kayak on our list is the Point 65 Sweden Kingfisher Solo Kayak, and although Point 65 intended the Kingfisher to be a fishing kayak, it also makes a fantastic recreational kayak with adequate storage. 

This solo modular kayak splits down the middle into two fairly equal parts, which both weigh a total of 35 lbs. Its front section is slightly longer than the back, however, as it measures in at 67” and the back an inch and a half smaller at 65.5”.

Due to the fact that the Kingfisher is a fishing kayak, you have the option at checkout to add on a pedal drive. Pedal drives are similar to bike pedals which allow you to power your kayak with your feet instead of a traditional paddle. This feature is completely optional, and it does add an additional 11 lbs to the weight of the kayak, so if you’d prefer to paddle as you normally would, leave the pedal drive out.

Pedal drive kayaks require the use of rudders in order to steer the kayak in the direction you wish to travel in, and even if you don’t include the pedal drive in your Kingfisher purchase, the kayak still comes with built-in rudders that you can control by hand controls on either side of the kayak seat. Your rudders, along with the kayak's trimaran hull, are what will help you track straight, so if performance is high on your priority list, you won’t be disappointed with the Kingfisher.

Point 65 created their Sweden Kingfisher Solo out of strong impact and UV-resistant HTP polyethylene which, if taken proper care of, will last you for many years out on the water. Each of the two sections of the Kingfisher floats independently, and you can easily split them apart or reattach them together in less than 10 seconds. The parts connect together with a Snap-Tap modular connection system which keeps both sections securely latched together while you’re paddling.

Kayak Features

Something we particularly love about fishing kayaks is the amount of storage they have on board. The Sweden Kingfisher is equipped with a large molded-in storage area fitted with bungees, two dry hatches at the front and back of the kayak, and two built-in fishing rod holders so you can fish hands-free. 

Along with adequate storage, the Kingfisher is also fitted with a Kingfisher Game Chair that is completely adjustable so you can reposition it to suit your perfect paddling position. 

Pros & Cons

  • You can use the Kingfisher as both a fishing kayak or a recreational kayak.
  • Both parts of the kayak are similar in size and weight, making it easy to transport.
  • You can add on a pedal drive system which comes in beneficial for fishing purposes.
  • The built-in rudders are fitted with dual hand controls to improve tracking in the water.
  • Both sections float independently and can be connected together in less than 10 seconds.
  • The kayak has adequate storage in the form of dry hatches and a molded-in cargo area.
  • The kayak’s seat is fully adjustable to suit many paddling positions.
  • The Sweden Kingfisher Solo is definitely on the higher end of the price scale.

Point 65 Tequila! GTX Tandem

Point 65 Tequila GTX Tandem Yellow

Dimensions Weight Capacity Check Price

13’6” x 29.5”

77 lbs

530  lbs

Check Price

Kayak Construction

The Point 65 Tequila! GTX Tandem Kayak also comes in a solo configuration by simply removing the midsection of the kayak. This solo or tandem kayak versatility is great for paddlers who occasionally plan on taking their kayak out on their own. Point 65 designed their Tequila! GTX Tandem to come apart in three sections, with the front section being 65.8” long, the middle section 63.4” long, and the back section 65.4” long. 

When they were designing their Tequila! GTX Tandem snap kayak they wanted it to perform well on the water, so they added a tracking keel to help the kayak track incredibly straight while paddling.

To connect the three parts together, you’ll use the kayak’s patented Snap-Tap system, which makes disconnecting and connecting as quick and easy as it’s possible in under 10 seconds. Once the parts are all detached from one another, you can then store this full tandem kayak inside your car or under your bed.

Kayak Features

Larger paddlers especially can sometimes have issues with legroom, but Point 65 wanted to irradicate this issue, so they provided each seat with adequate legroom and multiple footrests. Along with legroom, they also wanted their kayak to have enough storage space so you can accommodate tackle boxes, coolers, and personal belongings to transform the recreational/touring kayak into a fishing kayak. 

For comfort, Point 65 didn’t disappoint as they equipped the Tequila! GTX with what they like to call an Air Seat. Their Air Seats are constructed from EVA foam that is laminated with honey-comb patterned material and mesh-like fabric. These seats have adjustable backrests and are incredibly comfy, even over long distances.

Pros & Cons

  • Most modular kayaks come in a solo and tandem configuration and this is no exception with the Tequila! GTX as you can optionally add in a midsection to transform it into a tandem kayak. 
  • Point 65 added a tracking keel to help the kayak track straight in the water.
  • You can paddle the Tequila! GTX recreationally or over long distances thanks to its hull design and its comfy seats.
  • You can put the kayak together in under 10 seconds with the use of the Snap-Tap solution connectors. 
  • There is adequate storage for personal belongings or even fishing gear.
  • Weighing in at 77 lbs, it isn’t the lightest modular kayak option. 

Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo

Mercury GTX Solo Modular Kayak

Dimensions Weight Capacity Check Price

13’6” x 23.6”

55 lbs

286  lbs

Check Price

Kayak Construction

For those in search of a sit-in modular kayak, then look no further than the Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo. Like Point 65’s Tequila! GTX, their sit-in kayak can also come in both a solo or tandem configuration. Sit-inside kayaks are some of the best touring kayaks, and if you plan on paddling over long distances at fast speeds, then the Mercury GTX would be a fantastic option.

The solo version splits into three sections, whereas the tandem splits into four. The longest of all four parts is 61”, so the kayak should be able to fit in the boot of your car or along your back seats, depending on the type of car you have. 

Point 65 created their Mercury GTX from rotationally molded polyethylene which makes the kayak hull strong, rigid, and impact resistant. At the back section of the kayak, Point 65 added an efficient ingenious skeg that features an innovative symmetry skeg system to improve the kayak’s overall maneuverability. 

A common problem with sit-inside kayaks is that they can be difficult to get in and out of. Because of this, Point 65 made their cockpits slightly larger than normal to not only make entering and exiting the kayak simpler but to also give paddlers more room while paddling. 

Kayak Features

The Mercury GTX features two dry hatch storage spaces in both the front and back sections of the kayak, and there are also front and back bungees for small personal belongings. 

Inside the cockpit, you’ll find molded in footrests, cup holders, and Point 65’s patented seat, the Air Seat. The Air Seat is ergonomically designed with an adjustable backrest to suit many different paddling positions. To create the seat, Point 65 used EVA foam that is laminated in a honeycomb-patterned and mesh-like material for ultimate comfort and breathability. 

If you’re going to be sea kayaking, for example, then Point 65 also has a fitted spray cover that you can purchase separately to prevent any water from getting into the cockpit. 

Pros & Cons

  • You can transform the Mercury GTX into a tandem kayak or a solo kayak.
  • The streamlined design makes it suitable for touring or sea kayaking.
  • The fitted skeg improves the kayak's tracking and maneuverability.
  • Point 65 enlarged the cockpits to make entering and exiting the kayak slightly easier.
  • There are front and back dry hatches and bungee areas for storage. 
  • You’ll be comfy throughout your entire paddle, thanks to the ergonomic Air Seat.
  • Only experienced paddlers would be able to keep their balance in the narrow Mercury GTX.
  • It is fairly expensive compared to traditional sit-inside kayaks.

Point 65 Martini GTX Angler Solo

Point 65 Sweden Martini GTX Solo RED, One Size

Dimensions Weight Capacity Check Price

9’4” x 27.6”

59 lbs

265 lbs

Check Price

Kayak Construction

The Point 65 Martini GTX Angler is Point 65’s sit-inside fishing modular kayak that, similar to the Mercury GTX, can be transformed into a tandem kayak with an extra middle section. The solo kayak consists of two kayak pieces and the tandem three kayak pieces. When you take this kayak apart, you’ll find that it is slightly longer than the others on this list, as the front section measures around 70” long. 

As this kayak is designed for fishing, the option of adding a second seating area will allow you to have extra storage space for all your gear. Sit-inside kayaks have fairly limited storage, so if you usually overpack on a fishing trip, this option could come in handy. 

Point 65 also installed their patented Snap-Tap system connectors to their Martini GTX Angler to allow you to disconnect and reconnect the parts of this kayak together in a matter of seconds.

Kayak Features

What really makes this kayak stand out is the incredible fishing features that Point 65 included throughout the boat. First off, the boat has integrated fishing rod holders behind the seat and a deck mount in front of the paddler. You can remove the front deck-mounted rod holder and replace it with any other fishing gear of your liking. Along with rod holders, the Martini GTX Angler also has deck mounts for other fishing equipment, two large dry hatches for your gear, and a fish-o-meter down one side so you can measure your catch.

As with their other modular kayaks, Point 65 added their adjustable EVA foam Air Seat that has been laminated in honeycomb-patterned material and mesh-like fabrics so the paddler can reposition their seat to their perfect paddling position. And, if you’re paddling in choppy waters or where the weather is unpredictable, you can purchase a spray skirt to keep the cockpit dry.

Pros & Cons

  • You can add a third section to transform the solo kayak into a tandem kayak.
  • The tandem seat can act as an additional storage area for paddlers with lots of fishing gear.
  • You can disconnect and reconnect the kayak pieces in a matter of seconds.
  • The kayak features numerous rod holders, mounts for other fishing equipment, and a fish-o-meter to measure your catch.
  • The seat is comfortable and adjustable for long days out on the water. 
  • The front section of the Martini GTX Angler is 70” long, which could be an issue for people with small cars. 

Point 65 Falcon Solo

Point 65 Sweden Falcon Modular sit-on-top Solo Kayak Red with Paddle

Dimensions Weight Capacity Check Price

8’8” x 26.2”

40 lbs

220 lbs

Check Price

Kayak Construction

The Point 65 Falcon Solo is the last modular kayak to make our list, and like many other kayaks by Point 65, it can also be transformed into a tandem kayak with an additional middle piece. The solo variation splits down the middle, with both sections being 54.3” long. 

Point 65 designed their Falcon kayak from durable, high-performance thermoplastic and, as with their other kayaks, added their Snap-Tap connecting systems to secure the pieces together. 

Kayak Features

As far as kayaks go, the Falcon has a fairly simple design that makes it perfect for recreational paddling. The back section of the kayak has a molded-in storage area for large belongings, and the kayak features quick-lock hatches for easy access to your gear.

The backrest that is included with the Falcon seat is adjustable, and Point 65 also included contoured foot braces for paddlers for all sizes.

Pros & Cons

  • Point 65 included paddles with their Falcon kayaks.
  • You can transform the solo kayak into a tandem kayak with an additional centerpiece.
  • Once disconnected, the parts of the kayak are under 55 inches making it extremely easy to transport
  • You can put the kayak together in a matter of seconds with the Snap-Tap system.
  • There is adequate storage in the form of bungee areas and molded-in spaces.
  • The kayak is fairly basic.
  • The narrow hull may make the kayak unsteady. 

Modular Kayak Buyers Guide

Just like any other type of kayak, there are some things you should pay close attention to before purchasing. If you’re thinking of investing in your own modular kayak, keep the following features in mind. 

Sit-On-Top vs Sit-Inside

The first thing you’ll need to decide on is whether to opt for a sit-inside or a sit-on-top modular kayak. 

Sit-on-top modular kayaks tend to be better suited as recreational kayaks or fishing kayaks as their open-top decks allow for adequate storage, they have more room to move around, and they tend to be far more stable than sit-inside kayaks.

That isn’t to say that sit-inside modular kayaks should be kicked to the curb, however, because their streamlined design makes them considerably faster and better at tracking than sit-on-top kayaks.

The decision will ultimately come down to the type of paddling you wish to partake in and your balance and paddling skills.

  • Sit-on-top kayaks: Recreational, fishing, beginner to intermediate paddlers
  • Sit-inside kayaks: Touring, racing, sea kayaking, experienced paddlers

Weight Capacity

The next thing you need to think about is the kayak's weight capacity. It may not seem like a big deal, but tipping over the weight capacity of your kayak can actually hinder its performance. If you overload your kayak with too much weight, the hull of the kayak will sink into the water, making it incredibly difficult to paddle and maneuver.

It’s important that you weigh yourself, any passengers, and any gear you may be taking out with you. Once you have this total figure, compare it to the maximum weight capacities of the kayaks you’re considering, and ensure that you’re around 25% under the limit.

Number of Sections

You’re more than likely purchasing a modular kayak for its ease of portability, therefore, you’ll want to pay attention to how many pieces form the kayak. The higher the number of pieces, the smaller and easier the kayak will be to transport. 

Cockpit Size

If you’re opting for a sit-inside kayak, then the size of the cockpit could be the difference between a comfortable day out on the water or a miserable one. Firstly, a larger cockpit will make the kayak easier to get in and out of, but it will also give you more room to move your legs and potentially store any gear

Smaller cockpits, on the other hand, will be harder to get in and out of, and they could make you feel slightly claustrophobic, but their smaller size gives paddlers more control of the kayak with the use of their knees. Ultimately, this decision will come down to whether you prefer comfort or performance, so really think about that when looking at potential kayaks.


🏆 Are modular kayaks worth the money?

Modular kayaks are fairly expensive kayaks, but they do give you the best of both traditional hard shell kayaks and inflatable kayaks. 

If you’re after a kayak that is highly transportable, then we would have to say inflatable kayaks come out on top as they can be compacted down to a small backpack or duffel bag. But, if you want a portable kayak that is also rigid, then modular kayaks win first place.

Whether the price of a modular is worth it, will come down to what you prioritize in a kayak. 

👍 What is a modular kayak?

A modular kayak, also known as a snap kayak, is a kayak that collapses down into two or three individual pieces. Snap kayaks snap onto one another with clips in a matter of seconds to create a rigid and hard shell kayak in both solo or tandem configurations.

🏝️ Are modular kayaks the easiest type of kayak to transport?

Modular kayaks are easier to transport than traditional kayaks, however, they aren’t the easiest type of kayak to transport. Inflatable kayaks will always come out on top when it comes to portability, as once they’re deflated, they can pack down into a small duffel bag or backpack.

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