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Discover your next kayaking adventure in Spain

kayaking destinations in spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for people to vacation. The dramatic landscapes and the warm Mediterranean Sea are mesmerizing, especially for thrill seekers and outdoor lovers. From inland rivers to turquoise oceans, kayaking in Spain is a real feast for those wanting to explore and paddle.

Whether you choose to visit the coast or get paddling in the Natural Park, you can have a trip of a lifetime with a kayak in Spain. 

Use this guide as inspiration for your next exciting trip to Spain! Include a destination or two from this list in your travel plans and fall in love with the country. Kayaking in Spain really is a unique experience.  

Best Places in Spain, Kayaking

Need some inspiration for kayaking in Spain? Here are our top 12 rivers and lakes to paddle!

Guadalquivir River, Seville

kayaking in Guadalquivir River spain

Spain’s Guadalquiver River offers hundreds of kilometers of unspoiled paddling with numerous stretches and one key area with white waters. The river carving through the heart of Seville allows a glimpse into the beautiful city. It is a significant part of Spanish history and is now a prized attraction for water sports enthusiasts. 

There are several tour operators based in Seville that can offer kayak rental or even guided tour experiences. This combination of sport and culture is definitely worth the trip to Andalucia!

Sella River, Picos-de-Europa

kayaking in sella river spain

Escape for an afternoon down the Sella River. Kayak through the breathtaking Asturias region and discover the Picos-de-Europa Natural Reserve. Depending on water levels and recent rainfall, this river is suitable for all levels of kayakers. 

One of the most popular kayak sections to paddle on the Sella River is a super fun descent from Arriondad to Llovio. This stretch of the river is 15 km long and relatively easy to navigate. There are perfect spots along the way to have a rest or enjoy a packed picnic.

Cabriel River, Venta Del Moro

kayaking in Cabriel River spain

Venta Del Moro is a stunning region in central Spain that is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The Cabriel River flows over 50 km through the valley of dense pine forests. Here you will find excellent whitewater rapids that are perfect for kayaking!

The Cabriel River offers more adrenaline-fueled activities along with kayaking. These include canyoning, bungee jumping, and rafting. 

Cares River, Panes

kayaking in Cares river in spain

Another stunning location in Asturias, Panes is a low-key village that offers a big punch when it comes to kayaking! The lush landscape is nestled between two mountain ranges with the Cares River flowing in between. As you navigate the waters you will be surrounded by impressive gorges and dense forestry. It doesn’t get much better than this! 

Mont-Rebei Gorge, Catalonia

kayaking in mont rebei in spain

The Mont-Rebei Gorge is a dream destination for thrill seekers. It is a natural border between Catalonia and Aragon, two regions in Spain. You can take on a whole load of fun activities here including hiking and kayaking, discovering the beauty of this isolated spot.

Dip your paddle into the emerald waters of the gorge for a unique perspective. There are several routes available, but the most common is an out-and-back paddle. This is 14 km and totally worth it!

Mediano Reservoir, Huesca

kayaking in mediano reservoir in spain

Kayaking on the Mediano Reservoir is a chilled experience and possibly the best place for beginners to learn how to kayak. Located in La Fueva, the reservoir is one of the biggest bodies of water in Aragon. 

Originally Mediano was actually a village that was flooded by the reservoir many years ago. When kayaking here keep a look out for the bell tower of an ancient church that pops out of the lake of turquoise waters, this is the only sign of the original village.

Mijares River, Montanejos

kayaking in mijares river in spain

If you want to paddle through ravines and deep gorges, then the upper reaches of the Mijares River in Montanejoes are the place to go. The river is at the heart of this region and is the perfect place for adventure lovers. 

Ulla River, Galicia

kayaking in ulla river in spain

The Ulla River is an enchanting route to paddle in a kayak. There are several waterfalls paired with plenty of twists and turns to keep you focused on navigating the waters. It alternates between rapids and long stretches of calm waters, perfect for you to rest and recover before it starts again.

Ulla River can be challenging, especially after heavy rainfall. However, it is a suitable place for beginners to try their paddling skills in whitewater and give riding rapids a go.

Bidasoa, Navarra

kayaking in bidasoa in spain

Kayaking in Bidasoa is only a short route but you will be amid spectacular landscapes. This is a step into rural Spain and is definitely off the beaten path. As you paddle down the river you will have the dominating Pyrennes mountain range on the horizon.

Gállego River, Aragón

kayaking in gallego river in spain

The Gállego River has a very consistent flow which means kayaking is possible almost all year round. The river alternates between class 2/4 rapids and calm sections, making it an interesting choice. The scenery is dramatic and the waters are clear – what more can you ask for?

Ebro River

kayaking in ebro river in spain

One of the longest rivers in Spain, the Ebro River is a must for any keen kayaker. There are countless routes that can be taken as the river carves through the northern region of the country.

You can follow the river all the way to the Mediterranean Sea on an epic tour if you are up for a challenge. Otherwise, simply just take in the countryside. With beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife, this part of Spain is truly magical.

Embalse del Burguillo Reservoir

kayaking in burguillo reservoir in spain

Spain’s Emblase del Burguillo Reservoir is a great place for the whole family! There are plenty of beaches along the shoreline which opens the opportunity for safe swimming and launching a kayak

The wildlife that surrounds the reservoir is protected and impressively diverse. Keep a look out for the colony of black vultures that are in the area!

Where To Go Sea Kayaking In Spain

With over 8,000 km of coastline, finding somewhere to go sea kayaking in Spain could not be easier!

Fornells Bay, Menorca

kayaking in fornells bay in spain

Fornells Bay is the place to go for water sports and sailing on Menorca. However, it is important to note that this island is surrounded by stunning waters with a dramatic coastline in every direction. 

Join a kayaking group tour and be guided around the north of the island. You can stop off at the beautiful coves and beaches for a dip in the ocean or explore the mysterious caves hidden from view.

Cabo de Gata, Almeria

kayaking in cabo de gata in spain

Remote beaches, hidden coves, and secret caves waiting to be explored – kayaking in Cabo de Gata is an experience that cannot be missed! This southern coastline has so much to offer to anyone that wants to explore. 

Kayaking through the crystal clear waters gives you a unique view of Cabo de Gata. If you head here, make sure you plan your day to paddle around ‘Arrecife de las Sirenas’. This volcanic rock formation extends out into the sea and also offers fantastic snorkeling.

Marine Caves, Jávea

kayaking in marine caves in spain

If you are looking for a super chilled kayaking experience in Spain, then exploring the marine caves in Jávea is just for you. This coastline is beautiful with the iconic clear waters the Costa Blanca region is known and loved for. 

There is a range of organized tours that take you out in a group for a sea kayaking experience to the caves with an additional snorkeling experience. This is a great idea for newbies in the kayaking world.

Costa Brava Coastline

kayaking in costa brava in spain

Costa Brava is the northeastern shore of Spain. It has over 200 km of coastline and is home to some of the most popular destinations in the country. From beautiful villages filled with culture and history to nature reserves and marshes, this region has a lot to offer for a vacation. 

You can enjoy sea kayaking along the whole length of the coast. Some more notable places to visit include:

  • Palamós
  • Llança
  • Medes Island
  • Tossa de Mar

Top Tips For Kayaking In Spain

When in Spain, kayaking, there are some key things you need to remember to stay safe and maximize the fun. Here are some top tips to help you out:

  • Always wear a PFD
  • Have dry clothes to change into
  • Dress appropriately for the conditions 
  • Wear a helmet if whitewater kayaking
  • Prepare your equipment (ie. water, sunscreen, first aid kit)
  • Check weather forecasts, especially if you are kayaking in shoulder seasons
  • Obtain correct permits depending on the location

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🏆 Why should I kayak in Spain?

Spain has some incredible waterways that are perfect for kayaking. From a kayak, you get a different perspective of the country. Sea kayaking in Spain gives you access to caves, hidden coves, and otherwise inaccessible beaches.

👍 What do I need to kayak in Spain?

Seasons vary in Spain so it is important to prepare your clothing accordingly. Check out our Ultimate Guide On What To Wear Kayaking for all the information you may need. You also are required to wear a PFD and helmet in some settings while kayaking in Spain.

🏝️ When is the best time to kayak in Spain?

Spring and Summer are the best seasons to kayak in Spain. The water temperatures are inviting and the air temperatures are fantastic. River levels are at their highest due to rains and thawing. Some rivers in Northern Spain are manageable year-round due to the amount of rainfall.

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